Mulberry/Houston Street Construction: A never ending story

October 18th, 2010 by Chase Lindsay Rosen

The corner of Mulberry and East Houston Streets serves as a home to broken wood planks, spray painted sheds, enormous pot holes and three bright yellow CAT machines. It has been this way for nearly the past 2 years.

290 Mulberry Street is a site of (what someday may be) a 9 unit condo building. It serves as not only a visual disturbance but also is affecting traffic patterns, daily life, local businesses and disrupting neighbors living within the vicinity.

Tanisha Cruz, an employee at Zachary’s Smile (317 Lafayette Street), has observed business trends fluctuate during the past few years due to the neighboring construction site.
Pests by chaselindsayrosen

Andy Warman, a NoHo resident always have to give himself extra time in the morning to get across the street and get a taxi to get to work on time.
Pests by chaselindsayrosen

Eric Rosado, a doorman (Windsor Communities) in the area, has singlehandedly seen traffic patterns worsen over the past few years due to the construction site at 290 Mulberry Street.
Windsordoorman by chaselindsayrosen

Brooke Rosenberg, a SoHo resident lives across the street from the construction site and had to go out and purchase a machine to drown out the sounds.
Pests by chaselindsayrosen

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