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This Week’s Crime Blotter From the 88th Precinct (Fort Greene and Clinton Hill)

November 22nd, 2010 by Geoffrey Decker

In tracking this week’s crime with a map, the majority of assaults, thefts and robberies were concentrated in a densely populated section of Fort Greene, several of which targeted strap hangars emerging from the subway.

The spate of criminal activity here is nothing new to this area and comes less than a month after the 88th Precinct acknowledged the trend at its community council meeting. The precinct has pledged to disperse more cops on the ground in response.

The crime map is curated from complainant reports of the 88th Precinct’s crime blotter, which gets published each week by  The Local, a hyperlocal blog covering Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. The descriptions were written by esteemed crime reporter An Phung.

The East Side’s Often Forgotten Have Places to Find Food

November 22nd, 2010 by Bianca Seidman

The East side of Manhattan may sound like a tony place filled with apartments in the sky, but there are thousands of New Yorkers along the entire stretch who need help getting enough food to survive. The help comes in the form of receiving food stamps, shopping the free supplies of food pantries or going to the traditional soup kitchens. There are an array of these free food providers down the length of Manhattan’s East side and over 1,200 of them throughout New York City.  According to New York City Coalition Against Hunger, these outlets feed over 1.4 million New Yorkers who can’t afford food city-wide.

This year, as usual, there will be thousands of people who can’t afford to buy their own Thanksgiving meals lined up at the dozens of soup kitchens on the East side and a small army of holiday volunteers who want to serve them.  There are so many Thanksgiving volunteers at New York soup kitchens, they can actually be turned away.  One of the largest East side providers of free Thanksgiving meals is the Bowery Mission, whose volunteer slots are full.  But, there are dozens more soup kitchens and several other organizations who deliver food to those in need like City Meals on Wheelsfor seniors or God’s Love We Deliver for HIV/AIDS patients.

For anyone interested in volunteering to help low-income, senior or ailing East siders get a hot meal any day of the year, here’s a map with the places to go from Murray Hill to East Harlem.  Many of these organizations also service other parts of New York City.

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New York Punk On The Rise

November 22nd, 2010 by Jonathan Vit

There’s something in the contagious in Maspeth Creek.

Bushwick is at the center of a rising tide of punk and hardcore bands. On any given night, you can catch live acts by locals like Nomos, Pollution or Crazy Spirit in one of nearly a dozen warehouse and storefront venues dotting North Brooklyn’s industrial landscape. In a scene built by fans, the sheer volume of punk-friendly venues in one neighborhood (or a quick ride on the L train away) is a telling sign that New York punk is, once again, on the rise.

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NYC’s Favourative Cinema Map

November 21st, 2010 by Tuan Thanh Nguyen

by Tuan Nguyen

As a movie buff, I have a special penchant for classic and foreign films, which usually offer new perspectives and are much better than Hollywood types of instant-noodle-film you may see week in, week out at AMC cinemas.  The map below shows the locations of my most favorite cinemas in the city:

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+ The Houston Trio: On Houston Street, there are three cinemas famous for showing foreign films: Landmark Sunshine Cinema, Angelika Film Center, Film Forum cinema.

+ Lincoln Plaza Cinemas: the multiplex on 63rd St. is right near my living place. I can easily reach the cinema within 10 minutes of walking.

+ Cinema Village: a 3-screen cinema on East 12th Street specializing in foreign and independent films.

+ IFC Center: on Avenue of the Americas (between West 3 and 4 St.), a center for independent film and classic movies.

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