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Coffee Drinkers … Anonymous

November 7th, 2010 by Kahliah Laney

One annoying side effect of being a budding journalist at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism is sleep deprivation. To combat the bleary-eyed blues we are consuming copious amounts of coffee. The coffee machine has even broken down a couple of times from being overworked. But just how much coffee are we drinking?

After conducting a survey on a whopping nine anonymous classmates, I found out a few things. For one thing, it seems, that they are all drinking coffee even if in small amounts. On average, students drank 2.62 cups per person, per day but the number of ounces ingested in total ranged from 40 to six. On average, however, students consumed 17 ounces per day.

It also seemed that the men, who averaged less sleep drank more coffee than women. Men, on average, got 5.75 hours per night in comparison to six hours for women. The average cups drunk per day for males was 3.25 compared to two cups per day on average for women. Overall, however, J-Schoolers drank less than the overall U.S. average consumption of coffee, which, according to the 2010 Harvard School of Public Health, is 3.1 nine-ounce cups of coffee per day.

I also found that the average age of participants was 27.37 years and participants ranged in age from 35 to 23 years of age. The average age of male participants was 25.25 years of age and 29.5 years was the average age of the female participants.

There is some good news however. Also reported by the Harvard School of Public Health is the indication that coffee drinkers may be at less risk for type two diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. These benefits might just be incentive to keep on drinkin’ – coffee that is.