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Bed bugs. Rats. Pigeons. Grown Men Dressed as Jedi?

October 3rd, 2010 by Daniel Prendergast

We’re all used to the typical kinds of pests New York has to offer, but for the next two weekends, Midtown Manhattan will be crawling with a different variety as fanboys of all ages (mostly older) flock to two competing comic book conventions. The New York Comic Con and Big Apple Comic Con (one isn’t enough?) allows these usually reclusive outcasts to come together and celebrate geek culture while infuriating those with adult tastes. It’s a chance for the socially inept to congregate and share a weekend of awkward public interactions while pretending to battle with plastic light sabers. It also means the rest of us are forced to deal with their child-like delusions during their visit here; on the streets, on the subways; anywhere normal people go, a sweaty guy in a homemade Ironman costume will be lurking; waiting for people to ask him how he fashioned such an authentic looking utility belt.

It is not uncommon for many con goers to dress up as their favorite superhero.

Below is a list of the most annoying things about comic book conventions and the people who attend them:

1. Stupid Costumes

This is the obvious one. It’s well known that a substantial percentage of people who attend these things show up in some kind of garb that pays tribute to their favorite superhero, whether it be professional or homemade. Nevertheless, it’s embarrassing to witness a grown man engaging in such foolishness – especially when you know he spent months crafting his outfit.

2. Hero Worship

Few things are as sad as seeing an adult male fawning over another man who has done something of merit with his life. This goes for athletes, movie stars, comic book artists – whatever. Besides being homoerotic, it’s debasing. William Shatner doesn’t care how much Star Trek meant to you when you were a kid. He’s there to make money off your naiveté.

3. Nerd Fights

When you get a bunch of sci-fi fans in the same room dressed as rival characters, there are sure to be some slap fights. One fan in San Diego took things to the extreme when he stabbed another guy in the face with a pen during an argument. Although this guy sounds like a badass, he was led away in cuffs while wearing a Harry Potter shirt. Go figure.

4. Lame Guests

These things wouldn’t be so bad if they attracted better guests. While the convention in San Diego seems to be getting big names, the two here in New York are less than ideal. When one of your marquee names is Lee Majors, it makes you wonder why anyone would attend. Especially when you hear what some of these washed-up hacks charge for an autograph.

5. Treatment of Women

There have been quite a few claims of sexual harassment at these conventions. When a bunch of guys who have never had a date encounter women dressed in somewhat revealing costumes, bad things are bound to happen. They don’t know how to act around women and apparently they think groping and/or fondling is the way to win a woman’s heart. Come on, guys. What would Superman say if he saw you acting this way?

Watch this video for more info on comic conventions.