A Book Signing for Young and Old, Chicken and Cow

December 6th, 2010 by Bianca Seidman

Sandra Boynton, well-known children’s book author, illustrator and queen of her own merchandise kingdom of offbeat animals, launched her new book, “Amazing Cows,” at Books of Wonder on 18th Street this Saturday. It was a rare appearance for the prolific author who has over 20 million copies of her 47 books in print–quite an accomplishment for someone who describes herself as an, “exuberant, unfocused creative sort.”

Boynton doesn’t need a book tour at this point in her career. Her illustrations and even the font of her signature are widely recognized.  She says she finds book signing events, “fun, but a little overwhelming.”  As a self-described six-year-old since 1959, she had an uncharacteristically serious reason for promoting her new book this way.

“I’d never done an event at Books of Wonder before,” she said. “It’s a fabulous and important store. Bookstores are not thriving these days, and since I believe in books and bookstores, and since three of my children now live in New York City, it seemed like the perfect convergence of things.”

A mass of children smitten by her silliness and parents who were just as starstruck, filled the independent bookstore that shares its space with the Cupcake Cafe. The event effectively took over the popular Chelsea children’s spot with a massive display of Boynton’s books and illustrations, as well as entertainment and crafts. It wasn’t for the average bear, especially since it was mostly about cows–and some chickens.

View the slideshow below to see and hear moments from the event and hear thoughts from adults and kids who count themselves as Boyton fans. Attendees, like Jessica Kirk, offer thoughts about Sandra Boyton’s career and Allan Bennington, Manager of Books of Wonder, talks about his experience working with the author.

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