J-School Classes; Where Do They Rank?

November 8th, 2010 by Daniel Prendergast

Now that the class of 2011 is halfway through it’s first semester, it’s safe to assume that everyone is fully acclimated to the program. We have all felt the pressure of daybook assignments and writing about something we only started researching the previous night. We have all lugged around a camera and tripod on the subway, only to return home with an aching neck and back. We have all sat in front of a blank computer screen trying to think of a new pest to blog about as the deadline draws near. And we have all sat through the tediously insipid lectures of legal precedents and case studies.

The class of 2011 knows the deal.

In a recent survey, students were asked about their favorite and least favorite classes here at the J-school and the results provide a pretty clear indication of where students are focusing their efforts and where they should maybe focus more effort. Craft and Interactive seem to be the classes that have captured student’s interest. Those two classes split 78% of the responses for student’s favorite. Not surprisingly, however, Legal/Ethics is no one’s favorite class and failed to gain even a single vote. That class did win outright in the area of people’s least favorite; taking 75% of the vote. Students were definitely sure which class they spend the most time working on with 86% voting for Craft.

What is your Gender?
Male 11 39%
Female 17 61%
What is your favorite class?
Interactive 9 32%
Broadcast 6 21%
Craft 13 46%
Legal/Ethics 0 0%
What is your least favorite class?
Interactive 3 11%
Broadcast 2 7%
Craft 2 7%
Legal/Ethics 21 75%
What class takes up the majority of your time?
Interactive 0 0%
Broadcast 4 14%
Craft 24 86%
Legal/Ethics 0 0%

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