I Feel Safe, Say CUNY J-Schoolers

November 8th, 2010 by Jacqueline Vergara Amézquita

Life in New York City offers a long list of annoyances to the city dweller. Metro fare hikes, disoriented tourists who block the flow of city streets, and the recent bed bug scare are some of the issues the CUNY J-school Class of 2011 notes as most cumbersome.

But as the irritating aspects of life in this metropolis are discussed, a popular urban topic is generally left out: crime and safety.

So I set out to find out if my classmates at J-School worry about crime and if they feel safe in their neighborhoods.

Of the 12 students who responded to the online survey about safety and crime in their borough, 58% were female and 42% were male.

Only three of the five NYC boroughs were represented, with 67% living in Manhattan, 25% in Queens, and 8% in Brooklyn.

Asked whether they feel safe walking alone in their neighborhood late at night (after 10 p.m.), 50% said they “always” feel safe, and 50% said they feel safe “most of the time.” No one checked the “sometimes,” “rarely”, or “never” options.

When asked if they knew someone who has been a victim of crime in the borough they (respondents) live, 25% said “yes.” However, 100% said they have never been a victim of crime in their borough, which may explain why none reported feeling at risk for crime there.

After all reported feeling safe in their borough, I was not surprised to learn that most do not keep track of crime in their borough: 75%.

Perhaps the New York Police Department’s report of the annual decrease in crime levels over the past 20 years has helped?

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