“That Guy” Revisited

October 18th, 2010 by Stuart White

While this blog has covered the foibles of obnoxious bar patrons in the past, it has only examined the issue from the point of view of fellow bar-goers.  But what do the bartenders have to say?  After all, we may be briefly inconvenienced by obnoxious drunks, but bartenders are the ones who are perpetually saddled with their inane requests, their loud remarks and—at times—their disgusting bodily functions.  With that in mind, we take a look at the pet peeves of the brave men and women who pour our drinks and deal with us at our most obnoxious.

Note:  As a caution to the reader, in true bartender fashion, some of the following language is not safe for work.

Brian M., a bartender at the venerable Brooklyn hangout Farrell’s, offered this criticism of amateurish holiday drinkers.

Brian by Stuart White

Kar G., who tends bar in Park Slope, takes umbrage with those who ask for a glass of water only after being kicked out of the bar.

Kar by Stuart White

Nick S., another Park Slope bartender, numbers amateur attorneys among his biggest pet peeves.

Nick by Stuart White

Finally, Rich V. of Bar 4 gives the lowdown on every bartender’s biggest annoyance: cheapskates.

Rich by Stuart White

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