Election Traction

October 17th, 2010 by An Phung

The upcoming midterm elections have been one of the most divisive, dramatic and violent in recent history. With Democrats at risk of losing their majority hold in Congress and a country divided about important issues like tax cuts, health care law repeal and federal spending, it is no wonder that the reaction from some shoe-leather reporting yielded responses as varied as New York City is diverse. The question was “how are you participating in the midterm elections?” and below are some of the answers.

Susan, 55 years old – A vote for the environment

Emmanuel, 52 years old – A champion for Democrats

Anthony, 40 years old – No real leaders

John, 28 years old – The indifferent citizen

Carlos, 33 years old – The Libertarian

Jay, 33 years old – The majority vote

Anonymous – A vote for change

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