Please Don’t Be That Guy

October 4th, 2010 by Paul DeBenedetto

On Sunday, I spent my time at a local bar as the New York Jets handily beat the Buffalo Bills, 38-14. While I sipped my drink uninterestedly (I’m a Giants fan) and my friend Geoff fumed at the inept Buffalo offense (he’s a Bills fan) I took a look around the bar.

What did I see? The proverbial “that guy.” You’ve seen “that guy.” He’s the guy you see at the concert wearing the headlining band’s t-shirt, or the guy who says “I like all kinds of music except country,” or the guy who says “I’m a Libertarian.”

In the opinionated melting pot atmosphere of New York City, being “that guy” at a sports bar can be even more risky. So how can you avoid being “that guy” at the sports bar? Below the cut: five sports bar stereotypes to avoid.

  1. The Bandwagon Fan: I’m not sure you that know what “Who Dat” means, guy in the Reggie Bush jersey. Please stop screaming it every five seconds. Same goes for you, Red Sox fan with the pink visor. We get it: your dad has a credit card.
  2. The Guy Who Cares More About His Fantasy Team Than The Real Team: I understand that you have Eli Manning  on your fantasy team, but the Giants just lost. Hooting and hollering might seem a little inappropriate to the three huge guys in the blue jerseys at the end of the bar.
  3. The Person Who Sings The Jukebox Songs Instead Of Watching The Game: THERE IS A VERY IMPORTANT GAME ON TELEVISION. Or at least, important to other people. I’d rather not hear about how much you “like to move it-move it.”
  4. As A Matter Of Fact, Why Is The Bar Playing Music Anyway?: THERE IS A VERY IMPORTANT GAME ON TELEVISION. Or at least, you know, important to the people buying booze at your bar.
  5. The Guy Who Complains About Everybody Else At The Bar: Wait, what?

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