Subway Charm School

September 28th, 2010 by Jacqueline Vergara Amézquita

New York subway commutes are complicated and tedious with perpetual construction and inconvenient delays. The last thing commuters need are pests who make matters worse by demonstrating poor subway etiquette.

In the spirit of artist Jayshells’ subway posters, four regular commuters share their stories and offer their advice to pesky subway riders with poor etiquette. Let’s take their cautionary tales as lessons on how we should all behave.

Lesson 1: Stand Up For a Pregnant Woman

Jackie by daniel.prendergast

Lesson 2: Don’t Crowd the Pole

Stuart by daniel.prendergast

Lesson 3: Stay Home if You’re Sick

An by daniel.prendergast

Lesson 4: No Showboating

Daniel by daniel.prendergast

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