Jets Under Scrutiny Over Harassment Claim

September 14th, 2010 by Claudia Acevdeo

Ines Sainz, a beauty-queen-turned-sports-reporter for TV Azteca, is at the center of a sexual harassment investigation against the New York Jets. On September 11, the Mexican journalist was waiting to interview Mark Sanchez in the team’s locker room, surrounded by half-naked players (after she had balls thrown at her during practice). Ines was unpleasantly surprised and taken aback by the jeers and comments the men made about her appearance. She even wrote on her Twitter (in Spanish) that she was “dying of embarrassment” in the presence of “too much masculine hormone.”

After the incident, Sainz headed over to security to inform them of what happened and show video evidence. On Sunday, an NFL board member spoke to Jets manager Mike Tannenbaum about the allegations. By September 13, the issue had been taken on by the NFL. They are currently investigating players and coaches to determine whether or not there will be consequences. So far, Jets coach Rex Ryan and assistant coach Dennis Thurman look like they’re under scrutiny.

Shortly after the harassment claim was made, Ines was unexpectedly appeased with a simple apology by Jets’ owner Woody Johnson. On Monday, she told Spanish-language sport program DeporTV that she never felt offended or at risk while she was at the practice, even though she acknowledged the behavior was out of line.

Sainz, who is no stranger to the spotlight, has also been taking a media beating due to the clothes she decided to wear to the practice. Publications such as the New York Post have made it a point to show provocative pictures of the reporter at work. Commentators are appalled by her fashion choices to the extent of deeming her responsible for the harassment. She tried to defend herself against such accusations by tweeting a picture of the “appropriate” attire she wore on Saturday. It didn’t help that the picture featured revealing skin-tight jeans, an undersized white shirt, and high-heeled boots.

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